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css() method in jQuery

css() Method



The css() method can be used to get and set CSS property values. its syntax is:-


To set multiple CSS properties, the css() method uses JSON syntax.Its syntax is:-





  1. Syntax for returning value of CSS property is:- $(selector).css(property)
  2. Syntax for setting value of CSS property is:- $(selector).css(property,value)
  3. Syntax for settings multiple properties and values is:- $(selector).css({property:value, property:value, ...})
  4. Sntax for setting property and value with function is:- $(selector).css(property,function(index,currentvalue))


Further Explanation:-


Parameter Description
property Specifies the CSS property name.
value Specifies the value of the CSS property.
function(index,currentvalue) Specifies a function that returns the new value for the CSS property
  • index - Returns the index position of the element in the set
  • currentvalue - Returns the current value of the CSS property

Code Explanation

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