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jQuery jQuery.support Property

jQuery jQuery.support Property



The jQuery.support property is used to contain a collection of properties representing different browser features or bugs. It is primarily built for jQuery internal use.




Its syntax is:- jQuery.support.propvalue


Further Explanation:-


Parameter Description

Required. Specifies the function to test for. The tests included are:-

  1. ajax
  2. cssFloat
  3. opacity
  4. changeBubbles
  5. checkClone
  6. htmlSerialize
  7. cors
  8. scriptEval()
  9. boxModel
  10. checkOn
  11. style
  12. noCloneChecked
  13. hrefNormalized
  14. optSelected
  15. leadingWhitespace
  16. submitBubbles
  17. noCloneEvent
  18. optDisabled
  19. tbody

Code Explanation

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