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DOM Traversal methods
DOM Traversal methods include parent(), parents(), children(), siblings(), next(), prev()
remove() Method
remove() method is used to remove a particular element.
empty() Method
The empty() method is used to remove the child elements of the selected element(s).
Event Handling
JQuery provides an efficient way to handle events. Events occur when the user performs an action, such as clicking an element, moving the mouse, or submitting a form.
on() Method
The on() method is used to attach an event to the selected element.
Hide(), Show(), Toggle()
hide() method is used to hide. show() method is used to show. toggle() method is used to hide and show.
fadeIn(), fadeOut(), fadeToggle()
jQuery provides the fadeIn and fadeOut methods, which fade an element in and out of visibility.
slideUp(), slideDown()
The slideUp() and slideDown() methods are used to create a sliding effect on elements.
The slideToggle() method is used to slide up or slide down the selected element.
The animate() method lets you animate to a set value, or to a value relative to the current value.