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Multiple Attributes



HTML attributes are basically used for adding additional information to the tag. It gives some extra data or information about the relative tag which helps the tag in changing its behavior. They exist in the form of name="value" pairs. HTML allows us to have multiple attributes to a single tag. This helps in improving the overall structure of the webpage and also improves the overall functionality of the web page.




Its syntax is:- {attr_1_name="attr_1_value" ...}




  • accesskey attribute (used with all tags)
  • class attribute (used with all tags)
  • title attribute (used with all tags)
  • id attribute (used with all tags)
  • style attribute (used with all tags)
  • contenteditable attribute (used with all tags)
  • translate attribute (used with all tags)
  • spellcheck attribute (used with all tags)
  • lang attribute (used with all tags)
  • tabindex attribute (used with all tags)
  • draggable attribute (used with all tags)

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