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The most latest and enhanced version of HTML is HTML 5. It is done in cooperation between World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). 


HTML 5 New Features:-


  • Browser Support (IT supports all major browsers like chrome, safari, etc) 
  • Forms 2.0 (Introduces many new types of input fields like emailURLsearch, and so on, and methods like PUT and DELETE)
  • New Semantic elements (Many new tags are introduced)
  • Persistent local storage (Doing without using third-party plugins)
  • SVG and Canvas (Supports two and three-dimensional drawing surfaces)
  • Audio and Video (embed audio and videos without the need for third-party plugins)
  • Geolocation (Allow visitors to share their location at runtime)
  • Drag and Drop (dragging and dropping one item from one location to another)
  • Microdata (It allows us to introduce our own vocabularies and extend with custom semantic elements)
  • Web Sockets (next-generation bi-directional communication technology for web applications)
  • Server-Sent Events (introduces new events which flow from the web server to the web browsers)


HTML5 New Elements:-


  • < meta charset="UTF-8" >
  • < article >
  • < audio >
  • < video >
  • < canvas >
  • < datalist >
  • < embed >
  • < header >
  • < footer >
  • < nav >
  • < section >
  • < progress >

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