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Bootstrap 5 Buttons are used for custom button styles for actions in forms, dialogs, and many other components.


Bootstrap 5 Button classes are:-


  • .btn-sm, btn-md, .btn-lg are used for button sizing.
  • .btn-primary, .btn-info, .btn-light, .btn-success, .btn-danger, .btn-secondary, .btn-warning, .btn-dark are used for applying background colors to the buttons.
  • .btn-outline-primary, .btn-outline-info, .btn-outline-light, .btn-outline-success, .btn-outline-danger, .btn-outline-secondary, .btn-outline-dark are used to apply an outline to the buttons with the background either transparent or white.


For your Information:-


For the full-width button, we have to use the d-grid on the parent element of the parent for full width and use btn-block to the button.

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