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List of jQuery Methods and Properties

data() Method in jQuery
The data() method is used to attach data to, or get data from, selected elements. For removing it, we have to use removeData() method.
each() Method in jQuery
The each() method is used to specify a function to run for each matched element. We can use return false to stop the loop.
get() Method in jQuery
The get() method is used to get the DOM elements specified by the selector.
index() Method in jQuery
The index() method is used to return the index position of specified elements relative to other specified elements.
noConflict() Method in jQuery
The noConflict() method is used to release jQuery control of the $ variable. It can also be used to specify a new custom name for the jQuery variable.
param() Method in jQuery
The param() method is used to create a serialized representation of an array or an object. It is useful in the URL query string when making an AJAX request.
removeData() Method in jQuery
The removeData() method is used to remove data that was set with the data() method.
toArray() Method in jQuery
The toArray() method is used to return the elements matched by the jQuery selector as an array.
jquery Property in jQuery
The jquery property is used to return a string containing the jQuery version number.
jQuery.fx.interval Property in jQuery
The jQuery.fx.interval property is used to change the animation firing rate in milliseconds. Its default value is 13 milliseconds.
jQuery.fx.off Property in jQuery
The jQuery.fx.off property is used to globally disable or enable all animations. Its default value is false which makes animations run normally.
jQuery.support Property in jQuery
The jQuery.support property is used to contain a collection of properties representing different browser features or bugs. It is primarily built for jQuery internal use.
length Property in jQuery
The length property is used to contain the number of elements in the jQuery object.