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List of Checkboxes

Dashboard Checkbox
Checkboxes are beautifully designed like dashboards
Simple Checkbox
Checkbox with a simple style
Accessible Checkbox
The accessible checkbox wrote in pure CSS with a line-through effect.
Bounce Checkbox
Checkbox with a little bounce effect
Checkbox Checklist
Checkbox with a beautiful checklist animation
Checkbox todo Effect
Checkbox with a line-through effect on little todo item.
Checkboxes Neuromorphic
Checkbox with a Neuromorphic effect
Classic Checkbox
Checkbox with a simple classic style
Filling Checkbox
Checkbox with a filling effect
Chippy Checkboxes
Checkbox with a good looking chippy effect.
Material Checbox
Checkbox with a material effect
Checkbox Checkmark Animation
Checkbox with an eye-catch checkmark animation.
Google Checkboxes
Checkboxes with a google material style
Custom Checkbox
Checkbox with a custom-style design.
Tick Checkbox Effect
Checkbox with a tick effect on click
Trickery Checkbox
checkbox with a trickery effect for better controlling the look and feel of a checkbox
Delightful Checkbox
A Checkbox that has a delightful animation effect when clicked on.
Box Effect Checkbox
Checkbox with a beautiful box effect