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Calendar Chart in google charts

Calendar Chart



A calendar chart is a visualization that is used to show activity over the course of a long span of time like months or years. They're best used when we want to illustrate how some quantity varies depending on the day of the week, or how it trends over time.


Steps for adding Google Calendar Charts to your Website:-


  1. To use Google Calendar Chart on your website, add a link to the charts loader.​​
  2. After this, add a div with a unique id. Then, we have to load Google Graph API.
  3. Load the Visualization API with the desired package name. In our case, it is "calendar".
  4. Set a callback function.
  5. The visualization API is:- google.charts.load('current', {'packages':['calendar']})
  6. The callback function will be:- google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(draw_my_chart)

Code Explanation

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