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Area Chart in Google Charts

Area Charts



An area chart is a graph that combines a line chart and a bar chart to show changes in quantities over time. An area chart is a chart that renders within the browser using SVG. It Displays tips when hovering over points.


Steps for adding Google Area Charts to your Website:-


  1. To use Google Area Chart on your website, add a link to the charts loader.
  2. After this, add a div with a unique id. Then, we have to load Google Graph API.
  3. Load the Visualization API with the desired package name. In our case, it is "corechart".
  4. Set a callback function.
  5. The visualization API is:- google.charts.load('current', {'packages':['corechart']})
  6. The callback function will be:- google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(draw_my_chart)

Code Explanation

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