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HTML canvas createImageData() Method

HTML canvas createImageData() Method



The createImageData() method is used to create a new, blank ImageData object. Its pixel values are transparent black by default.
Every pixel in the ImageData object has four pieces of information. These are:-

  1. R - The color red (from 0-255)
  2. G - The color green (from 0-255)
  3. B - The color blue (from 0-255)
  4. A - The alpha channel (from 0-255; 0 is transparent and 255 is fully visible)

So, transparent black indicates: (0,0,0,0).




Its syntax is:- var imageData = context.createImageData(width, height); OR var imageData = context.createImageData(imageData);


Further Explanation:-


Parameter Description
width The width of the new ImageData object, in pixels
height The height of the new ImageData object, in pixels
imageData anotherImageData object

Code Explanation

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