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Services in AngularJS



A service is a function, or object, that is available for and limited to, the AngularJS application. AngularJS has more than 30 built-in services. To use a service, we have to pass it as an argument to the controller.


Some Important AngularJS services are:-


  • $animate
  • $animateCss
  • $document
  • $filter
  • $http
  • $xhrFactory
  • $interval
  • $locale
  • $location
  • $log
  • $rootElement
  • $timeout
  • $window


$location AngularJS service:-


The $location service has methods that return information about the location of the current web page.


$interval AngularJS service:-


The $interval is actually a window.setInterval function of JavaScript.


$timeout AngularJS service:-


The $timeout is actually a window.setTimeout function of JavaScript.

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